How to Modify a Maglite

We'll start by fully disassembling the mag light.

Remove the head and tailcap and take the bulb out of the bulb post.
Press the button to turn the light "On" and then squeeze the button between your fingers and pull it off.
Now stick a small allen wrench into the hole in the middle of the switch. It should slide into a set screw inside the flashlight. Unscrew this and the switch assembly should be able to slide out the bottom of the flashlight..
This is the Switch Assembly/Bulb Post.
Take your Allen Wrench and unscrew the little brass piece from the side of the bulb post and remove all the parts that are loose now..
Here are all the parts that you've taken off. You actually won't need any of these any more, so you don't really need to be careful not to lose the spring.
Now remove the switch from the rest of the assembly. Just push the switch out from the back side, and pull out the metal strip.

Don't lose the set screw!
Now take apart the head to get out the reflector. The reflector is the blue piece that is reflective on the other side.
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