How to Modify a Maglite

Today, we are going to modify a 3D-Cell Maglite to direct-drive a superbright LED.
This picture is a before and after beamshot of the modification. (before on the left, after on the right)

You could also use a 2D-Cell Maglite, but you'll need to use 3 "C" Cells in it, and you'll want to use a sleeve so they don't rattle. You can use a piece of pvc pipe, or automotive hose or something similar for that.
So here's a list of the stuff you'll need:

1 3D Maglite
1 3 Watt Luxeon LED (LuxIII)
1 Heatsink (The Hotlips is the best)
Some tiny gauge wire (I used stranded here)
A 2 pin locking connector thing (both male and female parts)
Some Heatshrink Tubing
A Soldering Iron
Helping Hands
A Knife
A Pair of Scissors
Thermal Epoxy (Arctic Alumina Epoxy)
Dremel or Hacksaw
A toothpick
2 Pairs of Pliars
Small Allen Wrenches

For anything you could possibly need or want to know about flashlights, check out the CandlePowerForums. They frequently have group buys for LuxIII's in the Group Buy Forum, so check there if you need an LED.
So, Let's get started

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